Importance of Sustainable Building Design in today’s world!!!

Importance of Sustainable Building Design in today’s world!!!

Nowadays, sustainable building design has become a necessity across the world. It is very important for us to make proper use of natural resources and save the remaining natural resources of the world.

Sustainable Development

To make a building design sustainable, each and every phase of design development should be considered minutely by architects, engineers, and other design as well as construction professionals. A construction project needs to be implemented with proper certification, such as US Green Building Council (USGBC). The LEED process also verifies whether a building design has achieved the targeted energy efficiency or optimal performance goals or not.

The prime purpose of developing a sustainable building design is to maximize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact significantly.

Quality Assurance 

Quality assurance for a construction project is performed by commissioning. This process is carried out for ensuring that the project design, installation, and operation of the building system have been done according to the certification requirements and performance level goals. This is because it is very important for the building system to provide comfort to its inhabitants, enhance performance, and improve indoor air quality along with building energy efficiency.

To minimize the environmental impact, the professionals take care of the following facts while they develop sustainable building design 

  • Bioclimatic analysis should be performed in the design development phase. The prime purpose of performing bio-climatic analysis is to determine the climatic influence on the building.
  • The sustainability of a building is measured by analyzing the energy model of the building.
  • Tracking and disposing of hazardous wastage generated during building construction.
  • Analyzing the entire ventilation process of the building by analyzing the building design.
  • Analyzing how much natural light will enter the building by analyzing the daylight model of the building.
  • Energy auditing should be performed by measuring how much energy the building will use daily. It helps to reduce the energy use of the building and save energy along with time and money

So it is very important to develop an accurate sustainable design otherwise it will affect the building’s performance and cause to increase in expenses significantly.

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