Importance of Conceptual Design Environment in Revit

Importance of Conceptual Design Environment in Revit

Well this particular blog is really cardinal for all those people who make use of Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP for accomplishing their modeling projects for different building disciplines. Here, I will be throwing light on what Conceptual Design Environment is, and what is it used for by design and construction professionals? Well, Conceptual Design Environment is highly overriding for AEC professionals when they execute multidiscipline Revit modeling services for upcoming construction projects.

Significance of Conceptual Design Environment for Revit users

  • In a layman’s words, Conceptual Design Environment which is incorporated in the building design software Revit is a digital modeling environment which looks extremely similar to Family Editor but is optimized for creating conceptual design for architecture, structure and MEP.
  • For creating conceptual design in Revit’s Conceptual Design Environment, Building Information Modelers have to optimize the loadable standard component families and loadable in-place families which are developed by them in Revit Family Editor.
  •  That means this mode is utilized for developing conceptual design with the assistance of loadable and in-place families.
  • And the design developed in Conceptual Design Environment is further transformed when it loaded in Revit Project Environment.
  • Revit user interface is optimized by design and construction professionals when it comes to developing massing families in Conceptual Design Environment.
  • These massing families can be loaded into a Revit project at any point of time as per the requirement of AEC professionals.
  • The Conceptual Design Environment incorporates highly dynamic massing tools which are tremendously crucial for developing conceptual design.
  • When it comes to bringing better efficiency and speed in the design process, the conceptual design is loaded in project environment by AEC professionals.
  • Once design and construction professionals start developing parametric models in project environment they get the access to utilize highly important modeling tools.
  • Other important Revit features which allow Revit modelers to coordinate design and construction information to different modeling teams working on the projects of other disciplines becomes available to them once the conceptual design is loaded in project environment.
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