How to recognize the status of identified clashes in Navisworks?

How to recognize the status of identified clashes in Navisworks?

Design and construction professionals, who deal with the execution of clash detection services, must be proficient with the tools, icons and commands of the software for purpose of detecting and sorting out clashes. Without having a thorough understanding and knowledge of software tools, providing solutions to clashes can become a big problem for AEC professionals. When it comes to fixing the clashes, it is important to manage the results of clash tests accordingly for example; users must group the clashes and then resolve them.

Understanding the status of the clashes is also very important when it comes to sorting them out.

Identification of the status of the clashes

  • For each and every clash, Navisworks Manage provides a current status depending upon the solutions provided to them by the users.
  • That means the Navisworks automatically provides a status to each clash.
  • It’s the Clash Detective tool that keeps on updating the status of the clashes after they are identified and are listed within Results tab.
  • Status of the clashes can also be established by Navisworks users manually if they would like to do so.
  • If in case a collision or clash is identified for the first time by the Clash Detective tool than it is classified as ‘New.’ It indicates that this particular clash has not been identified in the earlier run of the test.
  • A clash is categorized as ‘Active’ if the Clash Detective tool has identified it in the previous run of the test and it has not been resolved by the users yet.
  • A clash is provided with the status of ‘Reviewed’ if it has been identified by the clash detective tool in the earlier run of the test and has also been reviewed by the users.
  • When a clash which was found earlier by Clash Detective tool has been approved by Navisworks users it can be categorized as ‘Approved.’
  • If in case an identified clash is already resolved by users then Clash Detective tool updates it as ‘Resolved.’

For dealing with the clashes it is important that Navisworks users are well versed with the functionalities of the software.

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