How to manage views in Revit Architecture’s drawing area?

How to manage views in Revit Architecture’s drawing area?

The drawing area of 3D modeling and building design software Revit Architecture is very crucial for design and construction professionals as it displays project views for the current project. If in case Revit modelers try to open a view in the current project, what happens afterwards is that the view automatically gets displayed in drawing area. Even though other views are already opened in Revit Architecture’s drawing area, this newly opened view sits on top of earlier opened views. For the effective management of views, Revit users are required to use the tools which are available within the view tab.

Use the following tips for effective management of views in drawings area

  • If in case Revit users want to open a view which has not been opened by them so far they need to double-click on the name of the view in the project browser.
  • Once user end-up double-clicking on the view name it immediately opens and reflects in drawing area.
  • If in case Revit users want to identify a list which contains all the opened views they  are required to click View tab, then Windows panel and finally Switch Windows drop-down.
  • All the opened views are effectively listed at the bottom of Switch Windows drop-down menu which is accessed by users from Windows panel.
  • If in case Revit users want a hidden view to be displayed in the drawing area then they are again required to click View tab for approaching Switch Windows drop-down menu, from where they can click the required view.
  • Once the required view is clicked by Revit users it will be automatically reflected in drawing area.
  • On the other hand if Revit users want to systematically structure all the open windows in a sequence they are required to select ‘Cascade’ from Windows panel which can again be approached by users from View tab.
  • Similarly if Revit users want to collectively view all the opened views they are required to click ‘Tile’ from the Windows panel. The Windows panel is accessed by clicking on View tab.

This is how views can be effectively managed by Revit users in drawing area.


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