How to execute Construction Drawing for a Construction project effectively

How to execute Construction Drawing for a Construction project effectively

A construction drawing describes the comprehensive requirements of a building project that enables users in understanding the whole project effectively. This drawing represents detailed dimensions of every component and it assists Builders or Contractors in executing all the project works properly.

Construction drawings can be prepared by Architects, Builders, Engineers, and Constructors. While this drawing is made, it is necessary that the drawing must follow the established building standards and codes for the particular location.

Before the start of the actual construction process, Engineers submit the construction 2D drawing to Builders or Contractors. Builders or Contractors inspect that drawing thoroughly for checking whether the drawing is suitable for construction or if any other further modification is required.

Nowadays, Construction documents or drawings are generated using computer-aided design software like AutoCAD, and Revit.  This computerized drawing provides more precise data than paper-based drawing. Construction documents or drawings are generally created based on the drawings that are made while the building design is developed.

Construction 2D drawings are generated in a systematic way. At first, Engineers review the whole drawing minutely and assure that the coordination design of all the components & construction Members i.e. Architectural, Structural & MEP has been created properly. This review process is executed for ensuring that the building will be safe and stable after construction. Once the construction 2D drawing document is completed and approved, Engineers use this drawing for performing BIM 5D analysis i.e. cost estimation.

A construction drawing consists of detailed information about a construction project:

  • Building Plans which consist of each and every dimension of each component, title, scale, municipal address, details of new or new construction (if required), grading plan
  • Foundations and basement plans describe sizes of rooms, open space details, wood & steel beams, wood joist, concrete wall thickness, basement layout, etc.
  • Floor plans that provide a top view of the building structure
  • Site plans which show detailed information about the construction site including landscape areas, roads, swimming pools, etc.
  • Different types of sections of a building
  • Elevations represent the external appearances of all sides of a building
  • Detailed drawing of a building structure

While a construction 2D drawing is developed, project members meet with each other and inspect the drawing together to check whether the drawing is error-free or not. Once the whole process is done, these drawings can also be used for bidding.  BIM Services India, an India-based Prominent BIM Company, offers high-end construction drawing services to clientele across the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Middle-east.

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