How to deal with the results of energy analysis in Revit?

How to deal with the results of energy analysis in Revit?

Energy analysis is a highly important part of construction process as a result of which high performing buildings are developed by design and construction professionals. High performing buildings are the main requirement of today’s time because they do not have any sort of adverse effect on environment. Such kinds of buildings are tremendously important when it comes to energy conservation because eco-friendly design is created for them by design and construction professionals by executing energy modeling services. For conducting energy analysis information related to design, quality of materials, and geographical characteristics of an area are effectively utilized by modelers.

Use the following dialog box for dealing effectively with the results of energy analysis

  • For viewing energy simulations, Revit users are required to make use of Results and Compare dialog.
  • When it comes to checking current as well as previous simulations Revit users have to click on Results tab which is incorporated within Results and Compare dialog.
  • When it comes to viewing a simulation users are required to click on the name of the simulation in the left pane.
  • If Revit users want to compare multiple simulations then they have to press Ctrl and then click on them so that they can be selected in the left pane.
  • Once multiple simulations are selected in the left pane Revit users are required to click Compare.
  • If in case Revit users want to make some changes in the sort order of energy simulations it can be effectively done by them by utilizing relevant tools.
  • When the simulations are under process, the left pane provides details to users about the completion percentage.
  • When a Revit project is simulated for the first time, the software ends up creating a fresh folder in the Results tab, which ultimately contains the results of the analysis.
  • If in case users want to change the name of the simulation they have to click the Results tab for viewing the simulations, after which they can right click on a simulation whose name they want to change.
  • Once a simulation name is right-clicked by users they can then click Rename and type a new name for the simulation.
  • After typing the name they are required to press Enter.

In this way results of the energy analysis can be effectively dealt by users.

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