How to create a Revit family from scratch?

How to create a Revit family from scratch?

Readers should definitely pay attention to this blog as I am going to reveal the process of developing a family from the scratch in Revit. I think readers must know that there are three kinds of families within Revit which include standard component families, system families and in-place families and all of these families are in some or the other way used by modelers when they execute Revit modeling projects.

When it comes to developing Revit families, users make the best use of Family Editor Tool, which is a graphical editing mode within this modeling software. When users create a family, they have to open a family template in the Family Editor so that they can begin with the family, as it provides them with basic information.

Process of developing Revit family from scratch

  • The first step in this case is to open Revit Family Editor which allows users to create families within it.
  • Revit users should go to ‘File,’ within file they should select ‘New’ and after which they must select ‘Family.’
  • While developing a family from scratch, a window that lists numerous family templates within it displays in front of users.
  • What users are required to do is to select a pertinent family template that is listed within the window.
  • That means users create a new family file with the assistance of the relevant family template.
  • Once a pertinent family template is chosen by users after that, they must define the subcategories for the family in progress.
  • Sub-categories are used for governing the visibility of family geometry.
  • The process of defining subcategories must be followed by developing a family framework.
  • A lot of things have to be done for defining family framework such as family origin must be defined, reference planes and reference lines must be laid out so that they can support the users in sketching the geometry and dimensions must be added so that parametric relationships can be identified clearly.
  • After this family types should be defined by users
  • This should be followed by constraining the geometry to reference planes.
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