How important is coordination Review and why do Revit users perform it?

How important is coordination Review and why do Revit users perform it?

Coordination review is an integral and extremely necessary part of design coordination process or multidiscipline coordination wherein all the important design and construction professionals work in collaboration in a project for bettering its quality in terms of enhanced design accuracy.  Architect, structural engineers and MEP engineers exchange necessary design information among each other during design coordination wherein they link a required Revit model in their current project for getting aware about design situations.

A number of changes are made to model elements of multidiscipline models during design coordination by AEC professionals, which should be coordinated across disciplines for maintaining clarity so that team members of every team can work with same thought process. Coordination review is performed for inspecting and addressing changes and modifications that have been applied by Revit users on the model elements of crucial 3D models.

How does coordination review works?

  • During coordination review, changes made to model elements are effectively monitored by AEC professionals so that they can be dealt with utmost concern.
  • If in case a change is made to a monitored element in Revit, the software instantly displays warnings about it which should be tackled by users during coordination review.
  • For reviewing warnings that are displayed by the software due to the application of changes in the monitored elements, Revit users are suggested to utilize Coordination Review tool. By using this tool they can also provide the solutions to the warnings and communicate the efforts to other members.
  • As soon as Revit displays a dialog concerning the changes made to the monitored elements of a linked model, they should proceed to perform coordination review for the element in question.
  • For performing coordination review Revit users are suggested to approach coordinate panel that resides on collaborate ribbon.
  • In the coordinate panel Revit users are suggested to click on ‘Coordination review’ after which a drop down menu appears. From the drop down menu Revit users are suggested to select ‘Select Link’ option after which they should be clicking ‘Linked Model.’
  • When the linked model is clicked by users, it displays ‘Coordination Review dialog’ in the screen.
  • Within Coordination Review Dialog a list of all the changes and alterations that have been made to monitored elements in a linked model is contained and for every modification Revit users must take an action.
  • Actions like Postpone/Do nothing, Reject, Accept the difference etc are taken by Revit users by clicking on Action column.
  • Considering the seriousness and accuracy of the change actions are taken to resolve the warnings.
  • For example, if the change is worth implementing on the element Revit users have to select ‘Accept the difference’ action.
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