How does Revit assist in collaboration of BIM modelers while creating a model?

How does Revit assist in collaboration of BIM modelers while creating a model?

Revit that is developed by Autodesk an American software manufacturing company is the most widely accepted building design and construction software. It is typically designed for the purpose of developing 3D Building Information Models that are meant to be used by architects and engineers for streamlining the construction process. Revit assists construction professionals in developing effective building design with the assistance and support of its collaborative design approach.

The collaboration of BIM modelers while developing a design in Revit

  • Revit provides huge opportunity and liberty to BIM service provider or the design development team working on Revit model to collaborate with each other with the support of its work sharing feature.
  • Revit’s work sharing feature is its unique approach towards design development wherein all the BIM modelers can work on the same Revit model and can also make changes to it.
  • Design development team can share their work with the assistance of a ‘central model.’
  • This central model is nothing but a BIM model that is saved in a shared location by BIM modelers and they independently work on its copy which is saved by them in their local workstations.
  • In other words, modification and alterations can be made by various members of the design development team with the assistance of a central model.
  • This central model which contains all the model data is placed in a unique location in ‘Local Area Network.’ Its placement in the shared location in ‘LAN’ makes it easy for the design development team to access it any time.
  • The easily accessible central model helps the design team in understanding the latest design developments and modifications made to the model.
  •  When individual team members want to implement changes in the central model while working on its copies in their computers, they should opt for ‘Save to central’ option for fixing the changes in the central model. In other words, changes can be updated in the central model by selecting ‘Save to Central’ option in Revit.
  • So with the assistance of Revit work sharing feature BIM modelers can successfully monitor all the changes made to the main model and can easily tackle the issues concerning confusions.

This collaborative design approach helps design team in exploring umpteen innovative design ideas which eventually supports construction professionals in developing effective buildings. you may like to check out our Revit Family Creation Services as well.

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