How can you improve your building design using the new features of Revit

How can you improve your building design using the new features of Revit

Autodesk Revit is a very well-known building information modeling software. It is used to develop precise and detailed building designs and 3D BIM models. It enables you in efficiently performing construction scheduling, cost estimation and energy analysis of your planned building. Revit software consists of several advanced features which assist you in improving your performance significantly.

Revit has launched its various updates in the market and among them, Revit 2015 is the newest release till date. Let’s see what all new features Revit 2015 has brought for us!!

  • Sketchy Lines – you can apply this line to any 2D or 3D view of a building for representing your ideas. If you want to obtain more effective results, you need to use the suitable graphics card, driver along with hardware acceleration and anti-aliasing.
  • Within the family editor of the new version, you can now arrange as well as sort the Revit family parameters  efficiently
  • The new Revit version facilitates you to make a link to IFC files. In this new version, IFC geometry will be viewed more effectively than the display of existed import method.
  • View references – this new feature helps you in adjusting the reference view to something that is different from the original view and you can perform this without redoing the reference
  • Revit 2015 facilitates you  in adding instance parameter images to schedules
  • Revit  new version  has enhanced cloud drawing tools as well as management tools
  • Using this new version you can now utilize Rectangle and Polygon tools, therefore, you don’t need to pick multiple points
  • It assists you in sharing parameters in View Titles and you  can make  the View titles more customized
  • The new Revit version produces more precise energy models geometry from Revit 3D models

Using Revit, professionals can easily develop any type of 3D Revit BIM models accurately. So, this software helps professionals in increasing their efficiency considerably. A precise building 3D model not only makes your building effective but also saves your time as well as project expenses. If you are looking for high-quality Revit 3D Modeling services, you need a trusted and well-known BIM firm. BIM Services India is a prominent Revit BIM solutions provider delivering top-notch building information modeling services as well as Revit modeling services including Revit family modeling services at economical rates everywhere around the world. If you are looking for high-quality Revit BIM services at very affordable prices.

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