Enrich your knowledge about BIM terminology

Enrich your knowledge about BIM terminology

Building Information Modeling is a very technical term and is known throughout as BIM. But the industry experts and the so-called thinkers and philosophers from this background have developed diverse terminology concerning BIM.  These diverse terminologies have been developed over the years depending upon the use of BIM in AEC industry and the way it has been handled by its users. BIM is used in construction industry to manage and store crucial construction data in digital form. It is applied to utilize the data for planning and management of construction-related activities like organizing the workforce, management of resources and facility management etc.

The application of BIM has tremendously transformed and revolutionized the way construction used to take place across the globe.

Some of the commonly used BIM phrases are below.

Hollywood BIM: When Building Information Models are used only to communicate the concept of BIM in 3D and are not used in building projects to enhance its productivity it is known as ‘Hollywood BIM.’ This kind of BIM is used by contractors to simply win jobs. This concept of BIM is no where utilized in building projects to make them efficient.

Lonely BIM: When BIM is optimized by an individual firm to execute a project but is restricted from sharing to other organizations involved in project execution, then it is known as ‘Lonely BIM.’ To make this concept a little clearer, let me give you an example, if in case a design firm optimizes BIM to execute certain services demanded by clients but does no share BIM models designed by it with other teams or organizations involved in the execution of same project it is considered as lonely BIM. Instead of sharing the model with other teams they just end up in providing 2D CAD drawings to them.

Social BIM: However, social BIM can be considered as a more collaborative approach. In this approach BIM models generated for construction purpose are shared between architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and as well as with owners. The project productivity is achieved highest in this kind of collaborative approach. All the stake holders anyway associated with building project can have access to information-rich building models.

Intimate BIM: Intimate BIM is a very different concept in which the fruits and risks involving the project are contractually shared between contractors, design team and owners. In other words all the risks and rewards related to the project are shared between them.

So in this way BIM can be used differently by different firms. check out all Bim Services we offer.

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