Create Strong and Integrated BIM models by using Autodesk NAVISWORKS

Create Strong and Integrated BIM models by using Autodesk NAVISWORKS

NAVISWORKS, a product by Autodesk, has an extensive range of usage in BIM services. NAVISWORKS software is used for coordination, simulation and whole project analysis of any construction projects. It also facilitates BIM professionals to integrate their work into a single and coordinated building information model. It enables modelers to combine, share, modify and review detailed 3D design & models of different sizes and file formats such as AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, etc. After exporting these files from different application software’s into NAVISWORKS, it makes one single file by combining these files and takes comparatively less memory for saving it. Hence it saves hard disk space at some extent.

NAVISWORKS software enables us to acquire information about 3D co-ordination within a BIM model (i.e. co-ordination among structural & MEP elements), 4D construction scheduling, detail 3D visualization, dynamic simulation and precise analysis. It is efficient in integrating data created by various types of BIM applications. Nowadays, different versions of NAVISWORKS software have been introduced in the market. Autodesk NAVISWORKS 2014 is the latest version till now.

Four products of Autodesk NAVISWORK software family are available in the market, they are:

Autodesk NAVISWORKS Manage – NAVISWORKS Manage software combine clear visualization of any 3D models, exact simulation of 4D construction schedules, accurate replication of designs and powerful clash detection into one product. By using this software, project stakeholders can create, view, modify and review any 3D design models simultaneously on the same digital page. It helps to run any construction projects without any difficulty.

Autodesk NAVISWORKS Simulate – It helps to generate an accurate replication of designs and precise 4D building model by implementing time scheduling element.  NAVISWORKS Simulate software provides photorealistic 3D visualization of intended buildings in the virtual world by applying desired light, texture etc. on building models.

Autodesk NAVISWORKS Review – NAVISWORKS Review software is used to get a comprehensive hassle-free 3D visualization of all types of 3D models irrespective of sizes and file format types. Its dynamic navigation feature and in-built review tools empower engineers to understand 3D models of any level of complication.

Autodesk NAVISWORKS Freedom – NAVISWORKS Freedom software is the free viewer application for Autodesk NAVISWORKS.NWD and 3D DWF file format. NAVISWORKS Freedom and.NWD file together assists BIM professionals to access the whole projects in a better way.

Advantages of NAVISWORKS:

  • It is used to perform BIM modeling
  • It provides seamless NAVISWORKS design review solution of any construction project.  So, it assists to increase productivity and save time.
  • NAVISWORKS can effectively generate accurate naturalistic visualizations of any 3D complex models and makes viewers capable to walk through the virtual building efficiently. It facilitates to navigate and explore building designs quickly without the help of advanced hardware, special technical skills, and any preprogrammed animation.
  • It helps to identify clashes and interferences with the structural and MEP components of BIM coordination models.

So, NAVISWORKS plays a big role in booming of construction industries. NAVISWORKS generated BIM 3D models helps engineers to construct robust building structures.

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