Correct method of saving a Revit model once it is fully developed?

Correct method of saving a Revit model once it is fully developed?

In my previous blogs I have spoken enough about design development in Revit but I never spoke about how to preserve a Revit project once it is completed. Hence I think it is the right time to throw some light on how to save a Revit model so that if required it can be used later on.

The significance of the Building Information Model to construction can be realized from the fact that it incorporates a substantial amount of indispensable information that is needed and utilized by design and construction professionals in every stage of the building lifecycle.

Process of saving a Revit model

• For saving a Revit model the entire design development team members are first required to synchronize the files on which they work locally to Central and then close the file.
• Once the files used by individual team members are synchronized to the central they are then required to open the central file.
• Once the central file is opened by Revit users they are then suggested to select ‘Detach from Central’ option along with ‘Audit’ from the dialog box.
• But users should remember that they should not be selecting ‘Create New Local’ option in the dialog box which lies next to ‘Detach from Central.’
• If in case ‘Create New Local’ option is selected by default users are required to uncheck.
• So after selecting ‘Audit’ and ‘Detach from Central’ options Revit users are suggested to click ‘Open.’
• Right after clicking Open, a pop up displays in front of users wherein two options are available which include ‘Detach and preserve worksets’ and ‘Detach and discard worksets’ and users are required to select one of the option.
• The option that should be selected by users from the pop up is ‘Detach and preserve the worksets.’
• After that users are suggested to purge unwanted objects from the model and for doing so they are required to approach ‘Manage tab’ then select ‘Purge unused’ option from it.
• Now users are also suggested to eliminate unwanted links and for doing that they are required to select ‘Manage Links’ option from manage project panel.
• Once the entire unwanted linked are removed from the file users are suggested to save it.
• For saving the file users are required to click ‘Save As’ then ‘Project’ and then select ‘Make this a Central File’ as well as ‘Compact File’ options within File Save Options dialog.
• In the end users can save the file by providing an appropriate name to it.

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