Clash Detection through Navisworks for optimum results

Clash Detection through Navisworks for optimum results

Navisworks software offers a Clash Detection module that checks your BIM and describes any areas where items interfere, or clash, with each other. This BIM tool will enable you to set up the rules and alternatives for your clash tests, view the results, sort them, and generate a report as a text file or in HTML or XML formats.

When it comes to clashing detect separately for every feature, it leads to an extremely cumbersome process. Clash Detection in Navisworks was created to enable you to control these clash tests and retain an audit trail of clashes throughout the lifespan of the project.

Clash Detect configuration and execution follow the below-mentioned steps

1. Choose Groups and create folders for each and every group. The Select tab of the Clash Detective control bar enables you to refine your clash test by just testing sets of items at any given time, instead of the whole model against itself. This leads to much faster and more logical results.

2. Rules should be well-defined.

3. Decide upon the necessary items to be incorporated into the test and set the test type options.

4. Evaluate the results.

5. Develop a detailed clash report.

6. Managing/Status clash assessments for future use. Navisworks will modify this status automatically, updating the current state of the clashes in the model.

Benefits of Using Navisworks for Clash Detection

1. Navisworks better than Revit: Revit features its own clash detection process which recognizes the places where clashes arise. It does not possess any advanced tools to deal with clash detection at the later stages neither it generates any clash reports. Navisworks offers a much greater opportunity for managing the clash detection attributes and will recognize clashes, generate a report which assists the design team to solve the clashes, as well as track resolution with an automatic audit trail.

2. Handling the BIM Clash Detection Process: Dealing with clash tests for a huge project can get complex. One simple but timesaving way Navisworks performs this is by bearing in mind the names of clashes throughout the project’s life so that you don’t need to undergo each clash every time you run a test to determine whether or not it’s a new clash or one you have already seen.

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