Building Information Modeling for Facility Management Analysis

Building Information Modeling for Facility Management Analysis

Building facility management analysis is performed for maintaining any building conveniently after construction. This analysis process pertains to space coordination management, asset management, building system analysis, disaster prevention planning, etc.  Nowadays, BIM software is used for building facility management.

As BIM consists of several advanced features, so it enables you to execute this analysis process more proficiently as well as accurately. It is the 7D analysis of building information modeling services and has become an essential part of these services.

In facilities management, BIM or Building information modeling software is specifically used for creating building planning, design, analysis, 3D building information models, 4D coordination, construction drawings, etc. A 3D BIM model includes complete building-related information that assists you in improving the efficiency of your planned building. The information including modified data (if any change is done during actual construction) is transferred to As-built record BIM model. Facility managers or building owners use the as-built models for evaluating building facilities effectively.

Important steps of Building facility management

  • Spatial Programming – the Spatial program is used for evaluating spatial design related performance efficiently. BIM 3D models facilitate users in analyzing the allocated spaces for a building effectively.
  • Record BIM Modeling – In an as-built BIM model, you can record the entire construction related information i.e. Architectural, Structural and MEP components, dimensions, design, etc. efficiently. From a record model, you can operate facilities conveniently.
  • Building performance analysis – It is done for determining how a building actually performs compared to its predicted designed model performance.
  • Asset management analysis – This analysis process is executed for maintaining building assets such as building equipment, systems, fixtures etc. effectively. The asset-related information is also included in the record model.
  • Space planning and management – It is performed for planning, designing and maintaining space of a building effectively.
  • Building Disaster planning and management – The purpose of building disaster planning and management is to reduce the building safety risk.
  • Building preventive maintenance – This step is executed for maintaining various types of building structures such as walls, floors, column, ceiling, etc. along with different types of equipment like electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment.

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