BIM Tools Are Essential For Executing Point Cloud Modeling Services!

BIM Tools Are Essential For Executing Point Cloud Modeling Services!

Any idea what exactly are point cloud Modeling services? Where do we use them and why? Well, people who are familiar with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry, must also have a little knowledge about the tools and techniques used by building professionals for executing building projects. But for those who do not know much about them, let me explain that point cloud Modeling services are used for developing the design of as-built buildings when it comes to their renovation and refurbishment.

Nowadays, when it comes to developing a residential and commercial building from the scratch, high-end tools and techniques are used by architects and engineers during the design development stage. These tools are used in order to enhance the precision of the design and reduce rework at the time of actual construction. These tools are nothing but 2D and 3D design development software products which are used for creating exceptional drawings, plans, reports, and 3D models for architecture, structure, and MEP.

Use of laser scanning and BIM

Similarly, when it comes to the execution of renovation and retrofit projects, architects and engineers first have to create an accurate as-built design for the building in question and in order to do that they used laser scanning technology as well as Building Information Modeling.

Laser scanning technology is necessary for the extraction of as-built data from the building and Building Information Modeling tools are necessary for converting that data into accurate as-built models. The data which is extracted by 360-degree laser scanners are generally known as laser scanned data or particularly point cloud data. Yes, that is right, point clouds contain accurate geometrical information about the building and that’s the reason point cloud Modeling services are becoming extremely popular among building professionals these days.

Once the survey of the building is completed with the assistance of high-end laser scanners, the point cloud data collected during it is quickly given to BIM modelers in order to create advanced as-built models for architecture, structure, and MEP. The most common BIM tool which is used by building professionals for the execution of point cloud Modeling services is Revit. As-built models created with the assistance of Revit are not only used for referring geometrical information but are also essential for obtaining correct information regarding the time and cost of the project.

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