BIM provides constructive results for design team, manufacturers and clients

BIM provides constructive results for design team, manufacturers and clients

Drastic improvements have been experienced in the growth and development of AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry) after the evolution, adoption and implementation of Building Information Modeling in construction business. The project execution strategy that is adopted by BIM users include the application of unique tools and techniques which results into constructive project outcomes. A variety of BIM services which are executed earlier in project lifecycle with the assistance of building design and project review applications helps in minimizing project complications.

BIM’s benefits for different building stakeholders

  • Building Information Modeling provides huge benefits for all the building stakeholders such as design team, manufacturers and clients as it increases their productivity drastically.
  • When it comes to the design team they get maximum benefits due to information retrieval, coordination, collaboration and increased visualization all of which is facilitated by BIM.
  • Be it collaboration, information retrieval or increased visualization all of this is reinforced by building design software Revit which is used by design team members for developing architectural, structural and MEP designs.
  • This largely enhances the productivity of design development team which eventually translates into high profitability.
  • When it comes to manufacturers which may include fabricators and manufacturing firms they information can be provided to them with the help of comprehensive 3D models.
  • Manufacturers can extract complete information about the product or building components from 3D BIM models which are delivered to them.
  • Accurate information that is available in BIM models can help manufacturers in the quick manufacturing of building components which increases their productivity.
  • There are large benefits of BIM models for clients, which include building owners and contractors as they can extract detailed information about the building and can analyze it during the early design phase.
  • Project outcomes can be viewed by them after reviewing the models and substantial measures can be taken for controlling them if they are not positive. Negative project outcomes can be converted to positive if they are analyzed during the early design phase.

In this way the design team, manufacturers or clients can be successfully benefitted by BIM if it is used effectively.

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