BIM Modelers: What’s their significance in developing architectural, structural and MEP models?

BIM Modelers: What’s their significance in developing architectural, structural and MEP models?

BIM modelers or Building Information Modelers are quite indispensable for the execution of building projects, as they assist mainframe construction professionals such as lead architects and engineers by providing them with pristine 3D parametric models. Over the years, the entire design documentation process for all kinds of simple to difficult projects has changed upside down. Gone are the days when architects and engineers used to work round the clock for creating an effective design for architecture, structure and MEP.

Prior to the entry of Building Information Modeling in construction, architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers had to depend completely on technical drawings and CAD models for the effective execution of building projects. But neither 2D technical drawings and nor 3D CAD models have the capacity to provide complete construction information to design and construction professionals. Whereas, parametric models developed by using BIM software (like Revit, Allplan, Tekla and ArchiCAD etc.) can give detailed construction information to architects and engineers.

  • It’s quite difficult to execute large-scale residential, commercial and industrial building projects, without hiring Building Information Modeling services which are executed by accomplished BIM modelers.
  • High-end Building Information Models which contain detailed design information in them can only be developed by modelers who have years of experience in providing BIM modeling services for various kinds of construction projects.
  • Only trained BIM modelers are well-versed in all kind of modeling technicalities, hence if someone quite new to parametric modeling tries to develop 3D models for architecture, structure and MEP, then the models are definitely not going to be that accurate.
  • Since accuracy in the design is all that is demanded by architects and engineers, hence it is important that BIM modeling services are procured by them from eminent architectural and engineering outsourcing companies.
  • BIM modelers can also include extra dimensions in parametric models, which remain crucial for clients when it comes to availing accurate information about operations, scheduling, material takeoffs, bill of materials and time & money needed by architects and engineers to complete the project.

Hence, when it comes to developing such models which can provide clients with detailed construction information, Hiring BIM Modelers becomes extremely crucial.

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    Dhvani Badheka

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