As-built Drawing Services – significant part of CAD Services

As-built Drawing Services – significant part of CAD Services

Introduction to As-built Drawing Services

What is as-built drawing? Why do we need to prepare as-built drawings? What is the meaning of “as-built”? According to The American Institute of Architects, as-built drawings are those drawings that are generally created by the Contractor after building construction is completed. These drawings are shown using red-lines which basically signify all the changes from original construction documents. As-built drawing of an existing building represents the configuration and condition of that building. As-built Drawing Services has a significant place in the Construction industry. Why is this significant part of CAD Services?

As-built Drawing Services is an indispensable part of CAD Services. The term “as-built” not only indicates all the changes that are made in Architectural CAD Drawings during building construction, but an as-built drawing also includes all kinds of changes whether it is minor changes or big changes that are performed by Contractors and in-house maintenance staff while construction. For example, if someone moves or upgrades light fixtures or if someone adds an HVAC drop, it needs to be mentioned in the as-built drawing. As-built Drawing Services are used for operating and maintaining a building. These drawings provide an exact description as well as location details of all major equipment, fixtures, and devices. As-built Drawing Services are substantially used during building renovation for creating more efficient building design. These drawings assist to reduce the time and minimize project costs to a big extent.

An As-built Drawing is also known as Record Drawing because this drawing keeps all the records related to new construction. As-built Drawing Services assists users to show how the Contractor built the new building and what all changes were exactly made during actual construction thoroughly. Once Contractors marks all the changes completely, final as-built drawing is prepared that includes all types of changes in detail i.e. design modifications, field changes, shop drawing changes, etc. Before making any kind of changes within the drawing, Contractor needs to inspect everything carefully and give final approval to make the changes.<\p>

How to prepare an accurate as-built drawing?

  • The inclusion of comprehensive details of changes i.e. changes related to fabrication, installation, erection, component position, sizing, material dimension, etc. or any additional information within the as-built drawing
  • An as-built drawing also needs to include entire design information of the proposed building
  • If an extra sheet is attached to the drawings, the size, scale, and legend of the extra sheet should be same as the original sheet
  • Record all the changes that are made from the final inspection process
  • For preparing a comprehensible as-built drawing, one can use three different base colors i.e. ‘RED’ for deleted items, ‘GREEN’ for added items and ‘BLUE’ for special information or details
  • Use written explanation for describing each and every change
  • Write all the letters, words and sentences clearly
  • Add revision notes and general notes
  • Add schedules, profiles, and specific notes
  • Mark all the modifications to the affected section view properly
  • Attach project related other as-built drawings and shop drawing
  • Include all the details While someone prepares notes to underground utilities
  • While the as-built drawing is completed, write ‘RECORD DRAWING AS-BUILT’ as title and mention contractor’s name, date and other needful information
  • It the sheet does not require any kind of modification at all, then label the sheet as ‘As-Built’
  • If any kind of changes is performed in the sheet, then label the sheet as ‘Revised As-Built’
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