Royal Mint

Scan to BIM

Register the scan data provided and develop a 3D Revit model in LOD 400 for Railway tracks.

Project Details

01.Disciplines: Architectural and Structure

02.Type of Building: Railway Tracks-Mixed land

03.Type of Project: Scan to BIM

04.Revit Version: Revit 2021

05.Area of site (Topography): 2985.33 Sq.m.

06.BIM LOD: LOD 400

07.Units of measurement: MM/Ft & Inches : Imperial (feet-inches)

Tesla was required to register the scan data and develop a 3D Revit model in LOD 400 for Railway tracks. The purpose of the project was to provide a model of topographical data so that we can gain site certainty with the end purpose of developing the hotel above the site. The major elements that were developed were Railway Tracks, Gantries, Tunnel and site building.

Project Summary

The client had provided us with an Un-registered scan which were not falling on the origin and not visible in Revit when imported origin to origin. Thus, we initially registered the scan via registration process with the help of Faro and Recap software and then started with 3D modelling for the project.The scope of Architectural 3D Revit modeling of the site including topographical site, kerbs, Internal and External building and building façade.

Project Scope

Architecture Revit model :
Floors / slabs, walls, ceilings / bulkheads, roofs, gutters / downpipes, lifts, stairs, doors, windows, site topography & site elements,
Structure Revit Model :
Primary beams, trusses, columns, Railway tracks and Gantries.
Level of Accuracy:
Variable as per the inputs and level of detailing.

Project Deliverables

  • Revit model (.rvt file)


" Their team's expertise in scan to BIM technology was invaluable. They delivered a highly accurate and detailed model that has helped us significantly improve our track maintenance and planning processes. We are grateful for their professionalism and dedication. "

- Jane Doe