Rua Estrada

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM model of the Community Centre at LOD 200 with multiple buildings like a church, hotels, theatres, etc.


Project Details

01.Discipline: Architecture

02.Type of Building: Community Center

03.Area: 3000 sq m


Project Deliverables

  • Revit Model of LOD 200
  • Architectural 2D Sheets that consisted of plans, elevations, and excerpts.

Project Summary

We were tasked with Scan to BIM Modelling with LOD 200 of the Community Centre. The center had multiple buildings like a church, hotels, theatres, etc.

The project’s purpose was to know the as-is condition of a community center. We had to reconstruct the unused space and increase the utility area. The whole infrastructure acted as a community center with facilities such as a church, hotels, theatres, etc. And the entire project occupied 3000 square meters.


"BIM Service India's Scan to BIM services were instrumental in the successful renovation of our community centre. Their ability to create a 3D model from the existing building structure enabled us to plan the project with greater precision and efficiency. This resulted in significant cost savings and minimized disruption to the community during construction. We highly commend their commitment to delivering high-quality work on time and within budget"

- Michael Chen

Challenges & Solutions

  • Some scans lacked alignment and did not coordinate with each other. In some of the scans, the interior rooms were not aligned and were overlapping, causing a lot of misperception. However, our team could utilize their knowledge and technical skills to complete the project in just five days.
  • In the scans, the walls were not orthogonal; however, the client required all the walls to be symmetric. We calculated the area of the individual room and placed the walls perpendicular to each other.