Steps to be taken by construction firms to tackle COVID-19


Covid-19 has struck a heavy blow against the world economy as it has forced most of the countries in a lockdown situation. However different countries has different laws during this lockdown period for the construction industry. The info graphic below highlights the possible scenarios the construction firms may face during this lockdown and how they could tackle the situation is explained. Current health and safety measures are compelling the construction firms to maintain social distancing on site or even shut it altogether. All projects that were scheduled to start during this period are facing delay indefinitely. Post coronavirus, the firms should prepare themselves and take necessary actions to brace for a surge in resource demands like raw materials. The projects which are at the preconstruction phase, can be reviewed thoroughly for BIM Coordination Services and Clash Detection Services to kick start the project at a fast pace when this pandemic ends

Steps to be taken by construction firms to tackle COVID-19
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