Steel Detailing and Structural Shop Drawings for a Residential House

Project Objective

To create Structural Steel Shop Drawings and Fabrication Drawings for a residential house in Australia.

Client Summary

We carried out this project for a renowned fabrication company in Australia.

Project Deliverables

  • Structural Steel 3D models
  • Erection Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • HD Bolt plan
  • NC file
  • .dxf file
  • Reports (Part List, Assembly List, Bolt List, etc.)


Project Summary

The project’s scope was to create Structural Steel Shop and Fabrication Drawings for the ground floor and the roof framing plan of the residential building. This was done by developing a virtual steel model with required reports to fulfil fabrication and installation requirements. This included:

  • Lower Ground and Footings Plan
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Elevations and Sections Sheet #1
  • Elevations and Sections sheet#2
  • Ground Floor Details Sheet#1
  • Ground Floor Details Sheet#2
  • Ground Floor Details Sheet#3
  • Ground Floor Details Sheet#4
  • Ground Floor Details Sheet#5
  • Roof Framing Details Sheet#1
  • Roof Framing Details Sheet#2
  • Roof Framing Details Sheet#3
  • Roof Framing Details Sheet#4 which included Truss Summary
  • Cast In Plates
  • Structural Steel Details
  • HD Bolt Plan
  • Erection Plan
  • Sections and Details
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • Reports (Part List, Assembly List, Bolt List, etc.)


Total Tonnage: – 28.54 Tons

North pavilion Tonnage: – 4.75 Tons

Center pavilion Tonnage: – 17.66 Tons

South pavilion Tonnage: – 6.13 Tons


We had to face a few challenges while executing this project. The client had outsourced the task for the first time and wanted the delivery quickly. Also, there were some inconsistencies in the CAD files provided by the client. However, we overcame all these challenges with our competence and quality deliverables.

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