Scan to BIM Modeling of building facades on Portobello Street, UK

Project Objective

To create all the front façades of all the building at the Portobello Street in UK with LOD 200/300.

Client Summary

The client who allotted us this project is a sub-contractor of a major survey company in the UK. We have worked for more than 10 projects with the client and we are a preferred vendor for this company.

Project Deliverables

Revit model [LOD 300 +LOD 200 + Site]

Project Summary

This project basically consisted of façade modeling of the building at the Portobello Street in UK with LOD 200/300. We had completed this project in 7-8 working days in 2019. The client had provided us with the images of the site and scope of work. 3D Revit Modeling was executed for the below mentioned elements in the table with the respective LOD.

LOD 300LOD 200Site
DoorsDoors & WindowsRoads
WindowsRoofsFlyovers with railings and piers
Roofs (with soffits, gutters and fasciae)Canopies/Overhangs/ Eave heightSidewalks
Entrance Staircases & RailingsParking Components
Window trims & aesthetic detailing in the elevationsTrees & Light Poles
Curtain wallsBenches & Fencing


  • Poor scan quality – roofs not visible, window trims not visible, aesthetic detailing not visible.
  • Completed the detailing referring to the google maps.
  • Less turnaround time.
  • No images of the rear elevation + no access in google maps.
  • Editing families for LOD 300 took time.

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