Scan to BIM Conversion of a Cellular Tower

Project Objective

Scan to BIM Modeling of a cellular tower using laser scans provided by our client. The model included the MEP elements, along with offering different views and details.

Client Summary

The client is a well-known survey company in Europe.

Project Deliverables

• A Detailed Revit 3D Model
• 2D sheets exported in DWG and PDF format

Project Summary

Our primary objective was to create a 3D model of a cellular tower using the laser scans provided by our client, which included the architectural and MEP elements. The project was in its maintenance phase and covered an area of 18.413 sq. m. We used Revit 2022 to create Revit families. We were also required to develop plans for MEP elements, produce elevations and sections, and establish a range of views.

Elements that were modelled:

Structural Elements:

  • Tower
  • Ladders
  • Railing
  • Fence
  • Openings
  • Shelter (a building near the tower)
  • Visible elements

MEP Elements:

  • Electrical elements modelled:

    • Cable Tray
    • Cable Tray Fittings
  • Telecom elements modelled:

    • Radio Head
    • Antenna
    • Satellite Dish

We created the models according to the LOD 300 specification, which the client had requested. Then, we created 2D sheets for the telecom tower’s site plan, elevation, sections, and views in Revit. These sheets display telecom elements, antennas, and electrical components. Finally, we extracted them in CAD and PDF formats.

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