Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Model along with clash resolution for St. Andrews building in UK.

Project Objective

The task was to prepare a complete preconstruction model for a community centre and commercial building. Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Modeling along with BIM Coordination Services was included in the scope of work.

Client Summary

This project was completed for a renowned contracting firm in London, UK. There were several client companies involved as consultants in this particular project as this was a huge one.

Project Deliverables

Architectural, Structural and MEP 3D Model, Navisworks model and class reports, MEP Coordinated Model & MEP Installation Drawings.

Project Summary

This building is a commercial as well as community centre consisting of 8 floors along with a basement and a mezzanine.

This project was completed in 3 phases:

  1. Creating Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Model
  2. Clash Detection and Resolution along with generating reports
  3. MEP Installation Drawings

The inputs given to us were in the CAD and PDF files. This project estimated 900 man hours and the dispatch was done in 30 working days as requested by the client. We had to create a MEP model which the client could use at site for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing installations. 


  • The client had given us a very short turnaround time of 30 working days, however Tesla was able to successfully completed and deliver quality work by letting multiple resources work for the same project.
  • The client had provided us with very less inputs due to which we had to make a lot of assumptions and provide design suggestions while modelling.
  • Frequent changes were made in the designs based on the suggestions provided by BIM Services India and owing to the clashes between various disciplines.
  • Again the inputs provided to us where given in phases which made us do a lot of re-work.

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