Architectural Revit Modeling (LOD 350) and Construction Drawing Sets for a house in Santiago

Project Objective

To redraw and complete the FormIt model to LOD 350 Revit model and prepare Construction Drawing set from model

Client Summary

The client is a Chilean Architectural firm based in Santiago, a prestigious architectural and urban design firm in Chile with offices in Chile and Peru

Project Deliverables

Revit Model (in Revit Autodesk 2018) and Construction Drawings (Extracted from Revit in PDF format).

Project Summary

The project was to convert the partially completed FormIt model (provided by the client) to Revit model of LOD 350 for the overhaul of a house. The client had drawn the model in FormIt with some level of detail on the second floor. This had to be converted to Revit and the remaining details had to be added to generate an Architectural BIM model of LOD 350. We also had to add details such material, sizes, types, etc. for windows, closet, and other structures that can be used for quantity takeoffs. Architectural BIM Services at LOD 350 along with exhaustive set of construction drawings were availed by the client for this project.


  • The project demanded a highly detailed and concentrated model which required a lot of dedication, work and expertise.
  • The client wanted a quick turnaround time on the project. The entire project had to be delivered in 7 days. We had a team of 6 architects working on it to meet the deadline.
  • The client had provided us with a partially completed FormIt model. We had to convert it to Revit and then complete the model at LOD 350. However, due to some issues with the model, we were not able to import it into Revit as a single model. Hence, we had to convert the FormIt model to IFC and then had to re-model in Revit using this IFC model as a base. This was a time consuming process. Since the deadline for the project was very short, we requested the client to extend the dispatch date by 2 working days to allow us to import the model. The client agreed to it.
  • The client made several design changes while we were working on the project. We had to change these in the model as well as all the construction drawing sheets as we were working on the sheets simultaneously due to the short deadline (the annotations in the sheets get removed as the reference point changes).

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