Architectural BIM Modeling from Point Cloud Scans for Office Building Renovation

Project Objective

The objective of the project was to execute Architectural BIM Modelling at LOD 200for renovation of office building in Sweden.

Client Summary

The client is an area survey and measurement company in Sweden with more than 3decade experience in this field. The client had done the scans of the office building by themselves and availed Architectural BIM Services from us.

Project Deliverables

Revit, Autocad 3d, IFC

Project Summary

We had created Architectural BIM model at LOD 200 from the black and white point cloud scans provided by the client. The scans were of an office building of 275 sq. mt for renovation purpose. We exported the files in .dwg and .ifc format as per client’s requirements.

The model will include the following elements:

  • Wall
  • Door
  • Window
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Staircase


  • The scans provided by the client consisted of black and white point cloud due to which we had to raise several RFI for missing areas.
  • The client was satisfied with output and appreciated the effort of modeling which was out of his expectation from black n white point cloud scans.
  • Despite of raising several RFIs, the project was completed within the stipulated time and with quality deliverables.

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