BIM SERVICES INDIA – Your reliable engineering outsourcing partner

BIM Services India is a leading Architectural and Engineering Outsourcing firm which provides high-end Building Design Services to clients across the globe. Since we are located in India we can provide cost effective and high quality BIM Solutions to clients based in countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

We have our presence in different countries and hence our technical team of architects, engineers, BIM technicians, steel detailers, MEP detailers and drafters etc., is fully equipped with the knowledge of local building codes and standards. In other words, we have extensive knowledge of different kinds of building standards and cods which are followed globally for the execution of residential, commercial and industrial building projects.

The most important aspect of Building Information Modeling services is that architects and engineers can use parametric models for multiple reasons throughout project lifecycle.

We have a proven track record of executing 200+ BIM projects for different geographical locations. Over the years, our technical team has successfully delivered Building Information Modeling services for following sectors.

Residential building projects: We have provided end to end building design solutions for extremely complex residential projects to architects, engineers, and construction firms situated in US, UK, Canada and Australia etc. Over a period of time we have managed to establish a huge client base in the above mentioned countries only due to our high-quality services.

Commercial building projects: Over the years we have also executed large scale commercial building projects for USA, Canada, Australia, and UAE etc. Commercial building projects are quite complex in nature and hence skilled technicians are needed for the execution of Revit modeling services, clash detection services and BIM coordination services for such projects. And when it comes to the question of skilled BIM modelers and technicians we have them in abundance.

Retail projects:We also have a very impressive history of providing detailed architectural, structural and MEP modeling services for the execution of construction projects in retail sector. Retail sector is growing with humongous speed globally and hence there is a great demand for Revit modeling services from this particular sector

Renovation and retrofit projects:We are expert in providing all kinds of preconstruction architectural and engineering services for renovation and retrofit projects. Our team has delivered large scale point cloud modeling services for renovation, retrofit and refurbishment projects to construction firms across the world.

We provide following services for the above mentioned domains

Our BIM modeling services help clients to develop high-end hospitals & Healthcare buildings, government offices, business parks, hotels &resorts and educational institutions etc. We have extensive experience of executing architectural, structural and MEP modeling projects with multiple detailing levels such as (LOD) 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400, and LOD 500.

Why BIM Services India?

Our architects, engineers, and BIM technicians work round the clock on trouble shooting problems and quality check process which allow us to deliver error-free services to our clients.