BIM SERVICES INDIA – Cost-effective Revit Modeling Services

We are a leading BIM Modeling services provider offering end to end Building Design Services in India. Being an India based company; we can provide cost effective and high quality BIM Solutions in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. More over local presence in all the countries equips us with extensive knowledge and expertise of working on local building standards and codes applicable in respective location. Being parametric is the most attractive feature of this technology.

We execute high quality BIM Modeling projects. Till date, we have successfully executed 200+ end to end BIM projects for the following sectors.

Retail BIM: Revit Modeling Services in retail sector has tremendous growth potential. Retail sector today is booming with construction projects and requirement. However, building designs for retail sectors are highly complex and large scale. We have a proven track record of executing 100+ retail BIM Projects. They include community centers, supermarkets, shopping malls etc.

Residential BIM: We have excellent client base in USA, UK, Australia and Canada for residential Projects. We are authorized to provide Architectural Building Design in USA owing to our local architectural office. This has provided us with an advantage of adding Revit Modeling services as a part of Architectural Design projects. With help of BIM, it becomes easier to get approvals from the planning commission office. We provide the following services for residential domain

We provide the following services for residential domain

Our clients include Architectural Firms, Home-builders and General Contractors.

Commercial BIM: We have experience in executing high end and complex commercial building projects in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. We have provided Revit BIM Modeling for the following commercial building types

We are experts in delivering cost effective Revit Modeling, Construction Drawing sets and Revit MEP , BIM Clash detection, MEP Shop drawings and 4D and 5D BIM.

Renovation or Re-construction BIM Modeling: We have completed large scale renovation projects in USA, Australia and Canada for schools, colleges and Government buildings. We also work on religious monuments and old historical buildings.

We have experience in working on Level of Detailing (LOD) 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400, and LOD 500 Projects. Our team is well acquainted with international building standards and codes, thanks to our local presence in all global locations. We have CAD drafters, BIM Technicians, Architects, Structural and MEP Engineers who are masters of the trade. Since Revit pioneers and promotes usage of BIM Modeling.

Why BIM Services India?

We have an add-on team constantly working on trouble shooting problems, finding solutions to all complex issues related to the software and standard. This team constantly trains our project execution and project management team while execution of projects.