Architectural BIM Services

Architectural BIM Modeling Services

We specialize in providing start to end Revit BIM Solutions to clients across US, UK, Canada, Australia and Middle-East. Our team of Architects and Modelers has proficiency in working on multiple building types with different kind of complexities arising out of each building.

We offer following Architectural BIM Services:

We have a very structured and concise quality check system which gives us high end report of the issues and errors occurring while working on BIM project. This enables us to provide our client accurate and precise output based on their requirement.

Our Architectural BIM Modeling Project execution cycle is very well defined and is absolutely structured as to how do we start a project and work through the finishing line for each project. We pay attention to spatial allocations, building geometry, properties of building materials and much more while executing projects.

With an eye for detailing and expertise in working on most intricate and minute elements in detail we create an Architectural BIM Model for the users to visualize every element of the model. We pay special attention on details like facade appearance, vertical boundaries, free stretching spaces, high-rises, colors and materials used etc. along with data for Materials and Quantities while executing BIM Projects. It also includes colors, textures, space distribution, flooring, finishes, lighting, furnishings, etc.

Interior /Exterior Modeling: In BIM we provide Interior as well as exterior BIM Modeling. Interior modeling includes elements such as interior walls, fixtures (sanitary, plumbing, electrical, architectural, built-in furniture's), furniture, ceiling, flooring and material application (this is useful for developing the BOQ/material quantity).

Exterior Modeling includes exterior wall detailing, exterior doors/windows, roof and site modeling. Level of detailing in both the models will vary as per requirements. We can developed LOD 100, 200, 300, 350 and 400 BIM model.

4D and 5D BIM: We provide project scheduling and cost estimation to our client based on which they can budget their construction cost and perform project management.

BIM Construction Drawings: We also provide complete set of Construction Documents which can be used for construction purposes. We can create BIM Model and extract construction drawings from the model.

Revit Family Creation: We provide Revit family creation services which includes system family creation, Parametric family creation etc. We have developed parametric and non-parametric Revit families. Some of the types of families that we have developed are Mechanical families, Electrical families, Architectural Families, Plumbing fixture families, equipment families.Our team is also experienced in developing Autodesk SEEK compatible families.

We strive to deliver high precision and detailed Architectural BIM Modeling Services which will play an important role in reducing cost, enhance productivity and save time and enable our clients to focus on their core business without conceding on the quality.

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